Neo-Nazis Slam Trump For Supporting ‘Satanic Jews’ Over Hanukkah Tweet

“You better be f****** kidding me! I voted for you and you said you were a 'good Christians' (sic) and we don’t support satanic Jews,” said a white supremacist.



For once, Donald Trump did something that did not reek of divisiveness and hate — and his extremist supporters called him out for it.

This year, the Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, coincidentally fell on the same dates as the Christmas holidays. The self-absorbed president-elect knew of this and sent out, probably for the very few times in his life, a positive tweet, wishing the Jewish community a “Happy Hanukkah.”

However, his neo-Nazi followers apparently did not share his sentiments and promptly bashed him for his act. Many of these angry white supremacists said he misled them into voting for him because he was obviously a supporter of “satanic Jews.”






It’s strange white nationalists think Trump shouldn’t have wished Jews a “Happy Hanukkah” considering his very favorite child, Ivanka Trump, is married to one and converted to Judaism. This tweet might serve as a reality check for them.

However, it wasn’t just his supporters who slammed him.

Others felt less than sorry for Trump and told him to get rid of the anti-Semites in his proposed cabinet if he truly wished well to the Jews.



Still others noted Trump did not put much effort in the greeting and opted to just post a stock picture from the internet instead of a thoughtful composition.





Some Twitter users were quick to say that in Trump’s post all the candles were already lit, showing his ignorance of the tradition.





Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Shannon Stapleton

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