Trump Jr's Halloween Tweet Proves He Has No Idea How Socialism Works

Donald Trump Jr. joked that he would steal half of his 3-year-old's hard-earned Halloween candy to teach her something he himself knows nothing about.



Horrible human being Donald Trump Jr. did not even spare his own daughter on Halloween.

In his usual Trump-style streak of meanness, Trump Jr. said he would steal half of her candy at some point in the night, all in the name of socialism.

Talk about a scary father — and one who knows nothing about socialism to boot.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son posted the tweet, which featured a photo of 3-year-old Chloe dressed as a cop and holding on to her bucket of candy while sporting a woebegone face.

“I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to (sic) early to teach her about socialism,” her father wrote.

According to this tweet, there are two things the eldest Trump son has failed to grasp. Number one: On Halloween, everyone, including his daughter, gets free candy from virtual strangers. It's not as if Trump Jr.'s daughter personally earned that candy.

Number two: too is spelled with double OOs.

And number three: Would sharing candy with other kids who didn't get out for Halloween because of illness, disability, unsafe streets or because their parents were hard at work and unable to supervise, be the worst thing in the world? No one demonstrates how little Trump Jr. cares for others than Don Jr. himself.

Obviously, the internet had a field day with millionaire, capitalist Trump Jr. pretending to know anything about socialism.

Many of the online user were of the opinion the eldest trump son should be more suited to teach his children about capitalism, “Trumpism” or “Republicanism.”









Does Trump Jr. really think socialism is as easy as taking candy from a baby? No, that is so not how it works.

Perhaps he should be teaching his daughter lessons in empathy. However, considering the fact he himself has none, it would probably be a lost cause.            

In any case, using your own daughter as a political prop to make a ridiculous, misinformed point is a dirty trick.

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