Twitter Roasts Donald Trump Jr. Over Strange Lumberjack Photo

The internet is brutally mocking flannel-clad Donald Trump Jr. over this weird outdoorsy photo.

Donald Trump Jr. walked into the woods behind his father’s Bedford, New York, estate as the president of the United States’ eldest son and walked out as a sad internet meme that people just cannot stop mocking.

The New York Times recently ran an extensive profile of Trump Jr., painting him as an outdoorsy person who is fond of firearms and spent his summers “hunting and fishing with his maternal grandfather in the woods of what was then Czechoslovakia.”

However, the article itself did not draw as much social media’s attention as the image accompanying it — for all the wrong reasons.

The lumberjack-esque photo showed Trump Jr. perched uncomfortably on a tree stump dressed in red flannel, denim and brand new work boots, looking longingly into the abyss.

The Twitter expectedly went gaga over the photo, turning it into a viral meme sensation.

Find out more in the video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Brian Snyder 

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