Mexican Beer Factory Tricked Trump Fans Into Financing Their Party

Regarding the ad campaign’s concept, the owner of the brewery said, “Donald Trump is going to pay for our beers, even though he doesn’t know it yet.”

A Mexicali, Mexico-based craft brewery, Cerveza Cucapá, created a genius ad campaign making fun of Trump and his supporters, Vice reported.

In the company’s Spanglish commercial posted to YouTube, Cerveza Cucapá set up a merchandise tables around Los Angeles, California to sell pro-Trump t-shirts. Little did those who bought the t-shirts realize that the proceeds would be used to throw a party in Baja, California.

The t-shirts being sold read, “I Support Donald.” But, there was a catch. The meaning of the shirt renders the opposite message when exposed to intense heat. In hot temperatures, a red clown nose appears on Trump’s face, the words “I Support” become crossed out, and the phrase “Donald El Que Lo Lea” appears. The Spanish phrase, which loosely translates to “whoever reads this is Donald," is a saying that only Mexicans and Mexican-Americans will understand.

Mario García, founder of Cerveza Cucapá told Vice that the idea for the campaign came from none other than Donald Trump himself.

García said, “After that infamous clip where he said, ‘Mexico will pay for the wall, they just don’t know it yet.' ...We decided, ‘Well, Donald Trump is going to pay for our beers, even though he doesn’t know it yet.”

While the Cerveza Cucapá representative in the commercial appeared to do quite well selling the t-shirts, there were also a few angry passersby who weren’t pleased about the supposed pro-Trump message.

Of course, the video is an ad, meaning that all the people shown in the clip could possibly be actors. Even so, the concept of scamming Trump, the biggest scammer of them all, is incredibly clever.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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