Trump Tweets Photo Of Him Writing Inaugural Speech, Becomes A Meme

The photo shows the president-elect apparently sitting in the concierge lobby, looking sternly into the camera and with his sharpie poised on the blank paper.

With his inauguration ceremony just around the corner, Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself writing his “short but impactful” speech – and Twitter wasted no time turning the awkwardly staged picture into a meme template.

The photo shows the president-elect sitting on a desk at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, looking like a high school student trying to take an exam on a class he didn’t even know he was enrolled in.

There is no computer, no cell phone, no reference books and no Kellyanne Conway to lean over and point randomly at the writing pad, which appears blank just like all those manila folders at Trump’s press conference. The only things visible in the photo are a huge eagle statue and the depressed-looking billionaire.




People were very concerned about the contents of the speech. Hopefully, there’ll be no “locker room talk” involved.

Soon, a Twitter user made the most shocking discovery.

The former reality TV star wrote (perhaps) the most important speech of his life using a sharpie. How fitting.

Then this happened:

As The New York Magazine reports, the “the desk in question is located not in a private Mar-a-Lago suite, but in what appears to be a usually public hallway.”

Two more days till the inauguration, folks.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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