Illegal Immigrants Worked For Trump's Modeling Agency That Just Closed

"Trump Models ... was an amazing success and we are immensely proud of the opportunities that we have provided," the agency's president wrote in an email.

President Donald Trump is officially shutting down his New York modeling agency, The Huffington Post reports, amid legal controversy. 

The openly anti-immigration leader of the free world is in a bit of hot water over claims that his agency booked gigs for immigrants before they acquired the proper documentation. Now, the business is closing down entirely.

"The Trump Organization is choosing to exit the modeling industry," Corrine Nicolas, president of Trump Models, wrote in an email leaked to Mother Jones. "On the heels of the recent sale of the Miss Universe Organization, the company is choosing to focus on their core businesses in the real estate, golf and hospitality space."

Three models reportedly told Mother Jones they worked for the agency without having obtained work visas, with further records showing that a fourth model may have been illegally employed by the agency. 

Looks like Trump Models knew there was a hefty load of dirt to be dug up, based on the swift finish. 

Perhaps Trump's blatant sexism and harassment of female models, for which he came under fire during the last leg of his campaign, may be another reason for the sudden departure of an industry Trump had a heavy stake in. As The Huffington Post notes, Trump Models has been operating since the late 90s. 

There's a chance we'll never know for sure, but things have a funny way of coming full circle. 

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