Trump's Tweet About Ivanka Epically Backfires

"I am not trying to get 'top level security clearance' for my children," Donald Trump tweeted in November. "This was a typically false news story."

President Donald Trump has said a lot of things that have come back to bite him in the haunches, and one tweet from November regarding security clearance for his kids is no exception, Mashable reports.

In the tweet, Trump outright refuted claims that he was attempting to get security clearance for his children. 

However, this week it came to light that Ivanka Trump is not only pining for security clearance, but also, she's nabbed her very own office space next to senior adviser and National Security Council member Dina Powell. Oh, and she'll be receiving "government-issued communications devices," Politico reports

Bottom line: There are a lot of shady, ostensibly nepotistic goings-on in the White House, and with security clearance, Ivanka Trump will be able to view classified documents. 

As Twitter user Kyle Griffin puts it, this tweet didn't age like a fine wine.

Users called Trump out directly, landing in his mentions via his November tweet. 

People are not happy, and understandably so. Trump is demonstrating yet another clear instance of hypocrisy. More than this, from ties with Vladimir Putin to seemingly obvious familial favoritism and Kellyanne Conway shamelessly advertising Ivanka Trump's fashion line, Capitol Hill is wholly inundated with controversial — and quite frankly, unethical — connections.

We can only wait for justice to bring down the hammer. 

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