Dads Are The Unsung Heroes Of Dove's New Father's Day Ad

All of those YouTube videos showing everyday, but precious moments of fathers and children come together for one awesome ad.

As Father’s Day is approaching, Dove has come up with a heart-warming commercial to remind us of the important role dads play in our lives.

The video is essentially a compilation of various precious father-child moments captured by YouTube users from their own lives. Dove uses parts of the videos with permission from the subjects.

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The minute-long clip features fathers from different walks of life going to pretty much any extent to make their children smile. Whether that means putting themselves in danger to prevent their kid from getting wet in the water, or surfing with their child on their back just so that they can experience something new and exciting, the popular YouTube fathers are seen doing it all. The time spent together in turn helps the father and child develop a special bond.

The ad is there to remind us that while fathers may be the unsung heroes of a household, they are irreplaceable and play a vital role in the development and well-being of a child.

Unilever’s marketing director, Jennifer Bremner, says that after dads have been largely portrayed in a negative light in advertising, this campaign was put together to show people the flip side of the coin.

"While much progress has been made, and other brands have followed suit to show the realities of modern fatherhood, our culture still holds on to some of the old, unrealistic notions of masculinity, strength and heroism," Bremner told Mashable in an email.

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Watch the video and pay your dad a visit this Father’s Day.

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