Driver Busted Taking Selfie On The Road Thanks To His Own Sunglasses

A United Kingdom man learned very quickly that he made a big mistake by posting a recent selfie on Twitter that was clearly taken while he was driving.

The day before his wedding, a United Kingdom man took his last “single” selfie and posted it on Twitter with a sweet message about how scared, yet excited he is to marry his bride to be — but there was just one problem.

The man took the photo while driving, which is illegal.

Making matters worse, he ousted himself by snapping the photo while wearing his aviator sunglasses, which reflected the road ahead of him as he held his phone in one hand and steered his car with the other.  

According to Metro, a local officer stumbled upon the selfie on Twitter and responded with, "Just to keep everyone current on the situation... It is people like this who end up destroying people lives through their own stupidity," referring to the dangers of distracted driving.

“Please get in touch and we’ll send you your wedding present. £200 fine & 6 points,” tweeted the Northumbria Police’s official account. 

After being caught red-handed, the driver — who used the handle @Geordie_aviator — deactivated his Twitter account, presumably to keep authorities from actually being able to find and ticket him for his careless stunt.

Let this be a lesson to all motorists: Don't be this guy. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Mark Vegas

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