Driver Filmed Shoving Rider Off Bus And Kicking Him In The Abdomen

The witness who filmed the assault actually defended the bus driver’s actions after an unruly passenger refused to follow his orders to get off the bus.

A Liverpool bus driver had enough of one unruly passenger’s foolishness and resorted to physically assaulting him.

According to Metro, the passenger approached the bus driver and lashed out at him, at which point the driver ordered him to get off of his bus.

After clearly reaching his boiling point, the driver got up from his seat, pushed the passenger off the vehicle, and proceeded to kick him in the stomach.

Although the altercation is under investigation, the woman who filmed the incident has spoken out to defend the bus driver.

“The bus driver pulled up to the bus stop and an old man jumped on and it looked like he was being flicked and hassled by the other man,” said the witness.

Apparently, the passenger who was assaulted had been observed harassing an older man on the bus before going head to head with the driver. 

“I don’t even think that the old man wanted to get on the bus, I just think that he wanted to get away from the other man who was bothering him, she continued. “I think that the driver was right to get the man off the bus and kick him because if he let him get back up then he could [have] attacked him again. He would have got up straight away and then he could have had another run at the driver. I just wanted to set the story straight because I think that the driver was completely in the right.”

CCTV footage from the day in question is reportedly being reviewed.

“The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority and we were concerned to see this footage,” said a spokesperson for the bus operating company, Stagecoach.

According to Doug Melia, a use of force specialist from, the driver appears to have done “what he honestly believed to be necessary” under the circumstances of the situation.

“The driver removed the subject from the bus and I felt honestly and instinctively kicked out as the man turned and looked to continue his attack,” Melia said. “When the threat no longer existed he made his way back to the bus. Restraint in these circumstances (as he was alone) wouldn’t have been an option and there is no requirement of the law for someone to wait and be attacked before they have to defend themselves.”

It would appear that the initial consensus is that the driver acted reasonably and the irate passenger got what was coming to him.

Maybe we should be hailing this driver a hero?

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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