Driver Rolls Car Into A Ditch After Spider Lands Into Her Lap

An unnamed woman is lucky to be alive after rolling her car into a ditch when a spider dropped from her rearview mirror into her lap earlier this week.


An Oregon driver managed to roll and total her vehicle on Wednesday after being startled by a spider dropping into her lap.

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, was reportedly approaching an intersection in Portland when the spider descended down into her personal space.

The woman lost control of the car and rolled it into a ditch, according to The Huffington Post.

Luckily, the driver emerged from the overturned vehicle nearly unscathed, suffering just a scratch on her hand as a result of the crash.

“Spider season in full swing,” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office noted in a Twitter post along with a photo from the scene of the accident.

The tweet received quite a bit of attention with reactions ranging from genuine empathy to sarcasm.

Arachnophobia is a real thing, although there is no confirmation that the driver in this incident suffers from the paralyzing fear. She may have just been caught off guard which caused her to crash or the spider was much larger than most of us realize.

Despite the loss of her car, the woman should certainly be thankful to be alive after her near tragic experience. Another silver lining to come from this is that she now has a great story to use as an icebreaker at parties. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @WCSheriff

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