Drowning Leopard Rescued From A 60-Foot-Deep Well

Faith in humanity, restored. It didn't take long for villagers in southern India to realize there was a problem with the water supply.

A villager in India was alarmed at the loud and panicked roars echoing from a 60-foot well near his home and was shocked when he looked inside only to discover a three-year-old female leopard stuck and struggling to stay afloat.

Wildlife SOS veterinarian Dr. Ajay Deshmukh led a three-man rescue team to save the rare cat in a small Indian village.

A small raft was lowered into the well, giving the creature something sturdy to hang onto, and then, as the video shows, animal rescuers and villagers worked together to lower a large box down into the wall for the leopard to hop into.

The leopard wasn't keen on the box at first, taking a few swipes and biting at it, but eventually the leopard jumped into the box voluntarily and was pulled to safety.

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