Alleged Drunk Driver Smashes Into Helicopter On Highway

A suspected drunk driver did a lot of damage when he drove through police barricades and crashed into a helicopter that had landed on the highway.

The scene of a critical highway accident went from bad to worse when a suspected drunk driver plowed through emergency barricades and hit a parked helicopter.

Glen Livingston, 26, was arrested at the scene under suspicion of DWI and having an open container of alcohol after the man allegedly hit the helicopter.

A rescue team had arrived on the highway to assist the victim of a single-car accident who was in need of urgent medical care. Two fire trucks and the helicopter arrived to assist the woman, who is expected to recover. 

“Our medical team did an outstanding job," Regional Director of the air rescue team, Julia Azua reported to KOB4. "The patient was extremely critical, they maintained composure, they were professional and the stabilized this patient despite the incident that occurred on the scene."

Tow truck operator Frank Hernandez was a witness at the scene and described the actions of a black jeep, which was allegedly driven by Livingston early Sunday morning.

"This black Jeep flew past us," Hernandez reported. "I was thinking, 'What the heck is this guy doing?' Because they had people out there trying to stop traffic, already he almost hit two ladies."

The Sheriff's Office reported that the helicopter was not running and the rotors were not moving at the time of the crash, although images do show the helicopter resting on its side, its blades in the air. 

"You’ve got to be pretty drunk," Hernandez said after watching the scene unfold. 

It's lucky that nobody was hurt at the scene—except for the helicopter, of course. If this isn't one of the most bizarre and embarrassing drunk driving incidents out there, it's definitely in the top 10.

Banner Image Credit: Youtube, Screengrab, Inside Edition

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