Drunk Lady Doesn’t Let Being Pulled Over Interrupt Her Taco Bell Order

An erratic Ohio driver failed to pull over once a cop started pursuing her as she entered a Taco Bell drive-thru. Instead, she started placing her order.

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An Austintown, Ohio, woman was arrested on Tuesday morning after deciding to order food at a Taco Bell drive-thru while she was being pulled over.

According to WKBN First News, police said that the woman drove into the parking lot of the fast food restaurant going more than 40 mph.

She also struck a curve and then drove over an island into the drive-thru. As one might predict, her erratic driving prompted a nearby officer to activate his lights and pull up behind her.

Instead of pulling over, as is expected of a driver being stopped by a cop, the woman continued ordering her food.

The officer instructed her to stop ordering and asked for her driver’s license, which is when she handed him a Lube Stop oil change receipt.

Adding insult to injury, the woman initially gave the officer a fake name before admitting she was Nakeia Hall, who had nine suspensions on her driver’s license.

Hall was charged with falsification, operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), and several traffic violations. While Hall’s behavior is inexcusable, knowing she was under the influence of alcohol explains a lot about her careless driving.

As for attempting to complete her fast food order, she probably presumed that she would be going to jail in a matter of minutes and thus wanted to enjoy her last meal as a free woman. 

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