Drunk Man Ruins Little Girl’s Christmas By Stealing Her Decorations

A 9-year-old girl demanded an apology from the thief who was caught on video stealing her family’s Christmas lights from their front lawn, and she got it.

Many can relate to making regretful decisions while under the influence of alcohol, but one man’s drunken night became a Christmas nightmarefor a 9-year-old girl.

Surveillance footage captured the moment an unidentified group of thieves hopped out of a car outside of a family’s home. One man in particular stole two of their light-up reindeer from their Christmas display.

A little girl named Chiara Velardi, who lives in the home with her family, was devastated to see what the thieves had done, according to The Huffington Post.

The neck of one of the decorations was broken in the process, but they still took it with them, Yahoo News reports.

Although the lights were only valued at about $55, their sentimental importance to the family is priceless. The inebriated thieves didn’t just swipe two fake reindeer; they robbed a little girl of the Christmas tradition she shared with her parents.

“You shouldn’t do that anymore,” Velardi said to the thieves during an interview with local reporters. She also requested that they “say sorry to my dad, my mom, and me.”

The interview evidently made its way to the men involved in the alcohol-induced robbery because Velardi and her family received a handwritten apology letter and about $74 on Saturday night.

The compensation and note were reportedly delivered by two men who supposedly know the main culprit who was captured on film.

“To who ever’s (sic) Christmas I destroyed,” the note read, “I’m very sorry for taking your raindeer (sic). I was unaware of my actions due to being drunk.”

The anonymous writer promised to never do such a thing again and told Velardi that she should keep putting lights up because “they were wonderful.”

Velardi’s dad, Roy, confirmed that the men who brought the note seemed genuine and that he accepted the culprit’s apology.

He also said he will not take any further action against the thieves. Instead, he will likely be focusing his energy on making sure his daughter’s spirits are lifted and that her Christmas makes up for this disheartening incident.

This just goes to show that what may seem like a harmless prank can seriously impact another person’s life. It’s just best, as a rule of thumb, to not follow through with spontaneous ideas you have while drunk

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Tech_Terrorist

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