Drunk Passenger’s Death Threats Force Emergency Plane Diversion

A drunk and belligerent Alaska Airlines passenger became irate after he was told not to drink his shot bottles of alcohol onboard the plane.

One really drunk guy took having an entitled attitude to a whole new level when his outrageous antics forced an emergency flight diversion.

The Alaska Airlines flight from Boston to San Diego had to detour to Denver after a belligerent passenger onboard started issuing threats to the crew and other passengers.

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It all started after the flight crew prohibited him from drinking the small shot bottles of alcohol he brought on the flight. Federal Aviation Administration regulations state that passengers can only drink alcohol that has been served onboard by the airline.

"He was drunk and belligerent," airline spokeswoman Ann Zaninovich reportedly told Mashable. "Passengers and crew tried to calm him down but he was not responsive. He ultimately made threats and the decision was made to divert to the closest airport."

The man kept repeating, “I’m not a terrorist but we’re going to die,” passenger Claire Conroy reportedly told NBC News.

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Upon landing in Denver, police boarded the plane and escorted the passenger off. He was arrested, but charges were not pressed, Mashable reports. The plane was grounded for nearly an hour before resuming its course.

Passengers recorded the ordeal on cell phones and clapped as he was led off the plane, still mumbling unintelligible drunken gibberish. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Jason Redmond

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