The Moment You Order An Uber And A Bugatti Veyron Arrives Instead

Even in Dubai, a city known for tall buildings and fast cars, people freak out when they find out their Uber ride is actually a Bugatti Veyron.

It’s not uncommon to spot luxury sports cars on the streets of Dubai. The wealthy locals are known across the world for their indulgence in luxury, particularly super cars. In 2013, Dubai police officers were given $400,000 Lamborghinis for use at popular tourist sites.

But even in the wealthy UAE city, a Bugatti Uber ride is rare.

That’s exactly why travelers on the Skeikh Zayed Road could hardly contain their excitement when they discovered their Uber driver came to pick them up in a brand new Bugatti Veyron.

Little did they know it was all a part of an elaborate prank by New York-based YouTube star Coby Persin.

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Persin, who is famous for hard-hitting social experiments, this time around went for a hilarious prank and took over his friend’s Uber account for one day.

As expected, unsuspecting users of the taxi-hailing app were thrilled to see and drive in the sports car. One first-time Uber customer was so pleased, he took a selfie with the ride and even enquired if he Persin could come again.

Find out how others reacted in the video above.

Persin reportedly visited Dubai at the invitation of Rashid Saif Belhasa, an emerging Instagram sensation, who is the son of one of the UAE’s most successful businessmen, Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

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