Watch A Go-Kart Racer Redefine The Term "Overtake"

Go-karting is a popular sport in Canada, but a stunt like this one may be the first ever in history.

The Eastern Canadian Karting Championship was in full swing when it saw a fabulous take over by one of the participants during a race.

The video posted on the Motorsport Facebook page shows one go-kart driver brilliantly overtaking his competitors, not from the left or right, but right from above. Yes, you read that right. The driver miraculously flew over his competitors making a surprisingly stable landing, as he continued with the race. 

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"More like round one of Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart," one commenter marveled on the Facebook post.

“Lead, follow, or get run over, that is the new thing these days. I started racing in 1976 back then we would car front bumpers and put roller bearings in them so that we could push the cards out of our way without flying up in the air,” another said.  

Indeed, this go-karter takes the term “overtake” to a whole new level, and regardless of whether he eventually won the race, he is still a winner for pulling off such a stunt.

Make sure you do not try anything like this yourself, of course, because only professionals should take their go-karts into flight.

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Check out the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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