Oblivious Passenger Regrets Proving Hand Luggage Isn’t Too Large

An EasyJet passenger, oblivious to baggage restrictions, made a pretty stupid move to smuggle a large suitcase as hand luggage.

Travelers are often seen panicking when they are late for a flight or do not meet baggage requirements. But this EasyJet passenger has set his own standards of “calm” as he is seen struggling to fit his large bag into a smaller frame designed to measure it.

In a funny turn of events, when the bag failed to easily go into the container, the stupid man stood on his luggage and jumped on it a few times until it finally squished in.

The man traveling to Magaluf, a holiday resort in Spain, soon became the center of attention as people around started filming him. Although, initially he considered himself extremely smart for being able to get the bag into the frame, within no time he realized he had been extremely foolish and smiled out of guilt when he couldn't get his bag out of the metal frame.

Onlookers can be heard laughing in the video as the red-faced man struggles to pull out his bag and fails miserably. However, he does not give up and continues tugging at the bag, moving it upwards inch by inch, until he finally gets it out.

He looks quite relieved (for obvious reasons) once the bag is out, carries it on his shoulder and soon walks away.

The incident took place in 2013 but it has started  making rounds on the internet just recently.

Check out the hilarious video above.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay user StockSnap

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