Why Do Elderly Chinese People Keep Tossing Coins Into Planes’ Engines?

An elderly woman in China caused a safety scare after fellow passengers saw her throwing coins into the engine of a Lucky Air jet before boarding.

China’s notorious flight delays can now be blamed on its superstitious passengers.

Recently, a Lucky Air flight was delayed not because of crowded skies, military drills or bad weather, but because an elderly, superstitious passenger tossed coins in the air and it landed in the plane’s engine.

She did so for a safe flight, but it actually hampered the flight’s safety.

Authorities had to ground the flight and detain the woman — because had the flight taken off with a coin stuck in its engine, it could’ve caused massive damage. 

According to the officials, the incident took place at the airport situated in the Chinese city of Anqing in eastern Anhui province. This was at least the second such report this year of a safety scare caused by a coin-tossing elderly person.

The fellow passengers claimed the unnamed woman tossed coins at the engine of a Lucky Air jet during boarding, and ground crew later found coins lying on the tarmac next to the plane. Various statements by the airline, airport authorities, and transport police also confirmed the coin scenario.

The transport police confirmed the elderly woman, who is 76 years old, was taken in custody, but it is yet unclear if she’ll be charged.

The flight that was bound to depart from Anqing for the city of Kunming in southwestern China was grounded overnight as a safety precaution. The passengers were subsequently flown to Kunming the following morning, authorities said.

Earlier in June, an 80-year-old woman delayed a China Southern Airlines flight at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport for a good nine hours after she reportedly tossed nine coins at the engine for "good luck"  from the tarmac while boarding.

One coin even made its way inside the engine and was retrieved. The crew was concerned about the scale of damage just one coin would have caused if sucked into the mechanism.

The woman was detained but ultimately spared prosecution owing to her age. The Shanghai airport authorities said the woman was a dedicated Buddhist, who believed the act would ensure she reached her destination safely.

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