This Elderly Man’s Instagram Account Is Couple Goals

An elderly man has become a social media star after people discovered his adorable Instagram account featuring numerous photos of his wife and family.

People on Twitter are gushing over one elderly man’s Instagram account after Lauren Skell from Chichester, southeast England, tweeted about him. Her post has been retweeted more than 52,000 times and garnered numerous comments and likes. 


The elderly man, Geoffrey Walker, who follows only 99 people but is followed by more than 16,000 Instagrammers, is known for his adorable photos featuring his wife of 65 years, Pauline, and his family.

The pictures, which are a mix of candid precious moments and beautiful memories, also have the most heart-warming captions. He describes himself as, “Always looking for my next challenge, Loughborough university alumni member, president of Moira Male Voice Choir. Author and songwriter.”


It's time for elevenses

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Pauline with great-grandchildren after Easter lunch

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Great grandson Noah 8 years old today 😜😜

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Walker even posts videos of himself and his wife spending time together and couples are gushing over his love for his wife, hoping they can be like them someday.


Lunchtime at Staunton Harold

A post shared by Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) on


A post shared by Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) on



65 years ago today at Bagworth church, and still going strong😍😍😍

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Today's my granddaughter's wedding day

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Day-out to Stratford on Avon with Pauline, wife and sweetheart for the last 65 years 😍😍

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Many internet users have left loving comments and their best wishes for the elderly couple.

“Came from a social media post, I only wish to be like this with my wife one day, so precious!” wrote one person.

“I hope I have this kind of happiness with my significant other one day,” commented another.

“Beautiful couple, wish you nothing but the best” and “Your posts are so happy that they make me happy, thank you,” read some other comments.

People on Twitter also commented on Skell’s post saying things similar to those above.




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