Elizabeth Warren Barrages Trump With 'Loser' Tweets

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren posted a series of tweets calling Donald Trump a loser multiple times and condemning his shady business practices.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren had some choice words for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump during a Twitter rant in which she completely obliterated him.

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In a series of tweets, the liberal icon attacked Trump’s business ethics and called him a flat out loser.

“Let’s be honest - @realDonaldTrump is a loser. Count all his failed businesses. See how he cheated people w/scams like Trump U,” Warren wrote.

She referred to Trump’s multiple bankruptcies as “strategic” in order to skip out on debt. She also suggested that Trump himself knows he is a loser and that his sexism, racism, and narcissism are all reflections of his own insecurities.

She continued her rant by reminding her followers that some of the worst authoritarian leaders in history were also losers and rose to success in the same way that Trump has.

While Warren has not yet announced an endorsement in the Democratic primary, she called upon all of her supporters to make sure Trump loses this election.

“@RealDonaldTrump stands ready to tear apart an America that was built on values like decency, community, and concern for our neighbors,” she wrote.

While her rant was harsh and cutthroat, it was undeniably spot-on. Trump will not “make America great again:” he would fail this country the same way he has failed several business ventures.

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Trump responded to Warren's Twitter attack during a press conference in which he called her "the Indian," sarcastically referring to the past criticism she's received for allegedly lying about her Native American heritage for political gain.

Leave it to racist Trump to use one's ethnicity as a rebuttal against them.

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