Enraged Airplane Passenger Drenches Flight Attendants With Water

In a fit of rage, an unruly airplane passenger soaked two flight attendants with water after they accidentally spilled juice on him during a flight.

An angry airplane passenger drenched two flight attendants with water after they accidentally spilled juice on him.

The irrational man, identified only as “Shen,” became enraged after getting the juice spilled on him and demanded a written apology before dousing the women with several cups of water, according to Yahoo News. 

The incident unfolded on board a China Southern Airlines flight out of Beijing. The two flight attendants were pushing a food trolley down the aisle and serving beverages — as flight attendants usually do — when a drink accidentally dropped on Shen.

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Despite the fact that they immediately apologized and gave him napkins to clean up, Shen flew off the handle and retaliated against the women — even claiming to know the “bosses” of the airline and threatening to report them.

After other crew members calmed him down, the flight carried on to its destination at Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou.

Upon landing, Shen was arrested and sentenced to three days in administrative detention.

Images of the shocked and soaked flight attendants have been circulating the Internet.

While most would naturally be upset if they had juice spilled on them during a flight, it’s an understandable and forgivable situation considering how narrow airplane aisles tend to be and the fact that the aircraft is in motion.

Shen’s reaction indicates there may have been more troubling him and the juice spill sent him over the edge. Another possible perspective is that he was simply a pompous jerk. Either way you look at it though, his behavior is inexcusable.

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