Here Are Some Of The Worst Baking Monstrosities Ever Created

Birthdays are just not complete without a cake to go with the theme, but anything would be better than having to eat one of these disasters.

We’ve all come across a bunch of cakes that we thought would look totally amazing if we made them. But, unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned.

A number of cakes on Pinterest just go to prove that life doesn’t always turn out as we expect it to. Looking at something mouthwatering sure may make us overestimate our skills every now and then, and think we could actually pull off baking a "Frozen"-themed cake, but these pictures will bring you back to reality.

A blog that goes by the name of Cake Wrecks posts photos of messed up cakes on its Twitter page.

Apparently, this guy forgot how to spell “Father’s Day” and autocorrect didn’t come to the rescue either.


Jen and John Yates from Orlando, the couple who run the blog, shares thousands of professional cakes that have gone wrong, simply due to a misspelled word or a butter cream catastrophe.

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They also share other Twitter users’ cakes that have sadly turned into a disaster.

This one reads, “Happy Molter’s Day.”

Obviously, this birthday must have been a total failure.

It seems like people mostly were unable to follow instructions with names, and what had to be written or drawn on the cake. Perhaps next time the person placing the order would be better off penning down the instructions to the bakers.

That’s a rather sad Batman.

And what happened over here? The baker probably didn’t know Chinese, that’s it.

Hopefully they all still tasted delicious. 3

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