Soccer Player Becomes A Viral Sensation After Getting Hit In Face

Soccer player Marouane Fellaini immediately became a meme after a picture of him getting hit in the face with a ball circulated the internet.

Life is way too short to not be able to laugh at yourself, and Manchester United's midfielder, Marouane Fellaini, showed the world that he’s able to do just that.

A photographer captured a rather embarrassing photo of the soccer player taking a ball right to the face, and Fellaini laughed along with the rest of the internet. 

The picture that has become a total contender as sports photo of the year immediately went viral, and of course, netizens could not stop making fun of Fellaini. The 29-year-old athlete was a good sport about the photo and thanked his Twitter followers for publicizing the picture.

Twitter users had way too much fun turning the image into hilarious memes. One edited photo showed his face as a candle while another depicted him getting punched by boxer Mike Tyson. 


Manchester United did go on to lose that match earlier this week to Real Madrid at the UEFA Super Cup, but on the bright side, Fellaini is winning on social media now that he’s become an InstaMeme. 

And just when you thought you've had enough of those memes, an artist in Melbourne, Australia, took it up a notch by creating a 10-foot-tall mural of Fellaini and the infamous soccer ball smash to the face. Hopefully, he's somewhere still laughing about all of this because this mural will probably stay up for quite some time.


Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Erik Drost

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