Ex Jockey Exits Camera Interview By Bolting Without A Word

Luke Harvey, a BBC horse racing reporter, dodged further questions before the Grand National by running away as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

If you suddenly realized you needed to make another interview as you were already in the middle of one, would you interrupt the reporter, apologize, and gracefully bow out? Or would you simply slide away, and then break out in a mad dash?

Ex-jockey and BBC horse-racing reporter Luke Harvey chose the latter. As he was interviewing with "BBC Breakfast" the day before the Grand National — a major United Kingdom horse racing event — he apparently realized he had another interview to make with Radio 5 Live, the Evening Standard reports

Because of this, he attempted to depart inconspicuously, and then ran as fast as he could toward his next appointment. 

Presumably, he didn't realize the cameraman zoomed out just to showcase his impressive sprint skills, which is now international news in and of itself. 

You can't not laugh:

For obvious reasons, Twitter had a field day: 

Indeed, it appears this tweet has won the internet.  

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Qrodo Photos

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