Former Bartender Recounts Healthcare Horrors Before Obamacare

Amid the controversy surrounding the Republicans’ bill to replace “Obamacare,” a former New Orleans bartender’s tweets offered a nuanced perspective.

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On the night before Republicans voted in favor of their new healthcare bill — which would repeal the Affordable Care Act established by President Barack Obama — a former bartender took to Twitter to share what life was like for him and his colleagues before “Obamacare.”

Under the Twitter handle @dubsteppenwolf, the ex-bartender, who goes by Hell Frasier, detailed the horrors he and his friends experienced while working in the service industry in New Orleans before the Affordable Care Act.

It’s no secret that New Orleans is a major tourist destination, so it’s expected that people working long-term in the service industry would endure some medical issues after years of standing on their feet for long periods of time, working with sharp objects, and keeping up with the fast-pace environment. 

Frasier’s shocking story almost reads like a fictional tale, but he maintains it was his reality. His account sheds light on the fact that the passing of “Trumpcare” is likely to set service workers back to a very dark time that includes resorting to fish antibiotics to cure illnesses and duct tape to patch open wounds.

Although Frasier speaks solely from his personal experience as a bartender, the service industry is just one group of working class Americans who will be forced to choose between their health needs and staying afloat financially if Trumpcare is implemented.  

It is imperative that this new poor excuse for a health care bill dies in the Senate. 

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