Expedia Employee Cancels Trip, Sends 'F*** You' To Customer

A Southern California woman was shocked to receive a graphic message and lose $600 in tickets from Expedia after a dispute over travel insurance.

Southern California resident, Cara Viramontes was shocked when she received a message reading "F*** you" from Expedia while booking with the travel company.

Viramontes told CBS LA that the message came after a dispute over travel insurance for her infant son on a flight to Utah. Her son, who is eight months old, would be sitting on her lap during the flight and would not have his own ticket. Confused, Viramontes called to ask why she was being charged for insurance for the child. 

"I don't understand. He's not charged a ticket so why do I have to pay travel insurance for him?" Viramontes told 6 ABC.

The call did not go well, with the customer service representative refusing to allow Viramontes to speak to a supervisor. When Expedia emailed her a survey about the call, Viramontes "was honest" and said "the lady wasn't helpful."

Two days later, Viramontes received the profane message with a notice that her $600 tickets had been canceled. She immediately called customer service and shared a screenshot of the message with her canceled flight. Expedia customer service did nothing to help, saying that the cancelation was her fault and she would have to pay an additional $200 to re-book her flight.

“It’s clear as day what was written and I haven’t received a response [from Expedia]. Nothing.” Viramontes complained.

When asked by the press however, Expedia was quick to respond.

The company stated, "We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents," promising to refund and re-book Viramonte's flights and to offer her a $500 voucher for her troubles.

Viramontes posted on Facebook that Expedia has now contacted her directly to resolve the issue, saying that the company would be "taking this very seriously."

If Expedia wants to continue to have customers in the future, the company should probably respond to customer complaints without the threat of bad publicity.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Fabrizio Bensch

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