Facebook Reminds Man Of Near Fatal Crash With A Cheerful Slideshow

Facebook messed up big time when it created a happy-go-lucky slideshow memorializing a Utah man’s horrific car accident that nearly claimed his life.

Facebook’s “On This Day” reminders often make you look back on fun vacations, cute selfies, or other pleasant memories you would be happy to relive — but, other times it rehashes incidents you’d rather forget.

Facebook is an outlet where people document the good, the bad, and the ugly of their lives, but the social network seems to have a hard time deciphering between happy and not-so-happy posts.

While their algorithm isn’t totally clear to the average user, post engagement seems to be a factor in what memories it chooses to bring up.

It appears that regardless of content, if you received an abundance of responses and reactions on a certain post, it’s likely to come up again as a memory.

Unfortunately, Facebook got it really wrong when they created a happy montage of a man named Josh Gibson’s nearly fatal car accident.

The 26-second clip is a slideshow of all the photos and videos Gibson posted to his Facebook page showing the aftermath and wreckage from his accident, which resulted in the loss of  his 1999 Toyota 4Runner and almost cost him his life.

The video is titled “Friday in Orem” and includes an up-tempo jingle playing in the background along with fun animations.

The post was shared on Reddit with many commenters discussing how “bad” Orem, Utah drivers are and others making tongue-in-cheek remarks about Facebook’s epic failure.

While this particular situation is laughable, just imagine how many people open their profiles to devastating memories each day and are forced to relive painful moments.

Facebook might want to get a handle on these insensitive blunders.

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