Fashion Designer’s Message To Trump: ‘More Glitter, Less Twitter’

Fashion designer Ashish Gupta had several profound messages for President Donald Trump through his new glittery collection showcased during London Fashion Week.

As Donald Trump’s presidency has proven to be just as catastrophic as many Americans feared, he is getting hit with criticism from all angles including Hollywood, professional sports, and the fashion industry.

Celebrities and brands alike are using their large platforms to take a stand against the Trump administration and join their fans and consumers in the resistance.

The very clear pushback began with musical artists who refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration, then with celebrities making political statements at awards shows, then a handful of New England Patriots planning to skip visiting the White House after winning Super Bowl LI.

Just last week, cosmetic brand Illamasqua released a statement requesting that its customers take an “anti-fascism pledge” and asked all those who support Trump’s mission not to purchase its products.

This week, a U.K.-based designer named Ashish Gupta made a profound statement against the U.S. president with his new collection.

Gupta showcased his line on Monday during a runway show for London Fashion Week. His pieces were riddled with bold political statements, including a flashy top that reads, “More Glitter, Less Twitter.”

Other tops included odes to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including the insult “nasty woman” that Trump hurled at her during one of the presidential debates — which has now, inadvertently, become a symbol of women empowerment.

One of the pieces was also a nod to the Chicago Cubs — the 2016 MLB World Series champions — along with the words “stronger together,” which was Clinton’s campaign slogan.

After 108 years, the Cubs were able to overcome a 3-1 deficit and defeat the Cleveland Indians for the title. Gupta’s sweater combines the Cubs’ victory with Clinton’s slogan to send a powerful message about what great things can be achieved by coming together.

Clinton's devastating presidential loss was a reflection of the severe division pulling Americans apart.

All of Gupta’s models also appeared to be wearing Mexican wrestling-inspired makeup, a subtle tribute to the country neighboring the U.S. that Trump wants to build a wall between to keep its citizens from immigrating to America.

According to The Huffington Post, Gupta is known for his glittery and fun approach to fashion, but amid these trying times, he wants to use his art to promote unity.

"I was reading about how Oz was representative of Washington and how the hurricane of Dorothy was the political turmoil that happened at the time,” he said. “It was so symbolic. Every little thing was symbolic of what is happening now — we need to be united in a message of love and unity and stand up together against all the f**ked-up mess that is going on."

While it may appear as though every aspect of society is so heavily saturated with politics, it is extremely important for these positive messages to be highlighted in a time when love and unity have taken a backseat to hate and bigotry. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Toby Melville 

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