Oregon Man Booby Traps House Indiana-Jones Style To Thwart Authorities

Gregory Lee Rodvelt’s used his few days out of jail to rig his house and turn it into a death trap, so authorities would have a hard time selling it.


Federal authorities in Oregon say an FBI bomb squad technician was hurt as a result of the numerous Indiana Jones-style booby traps that were placed at a man’s home last month.

In 2016, Gregory Lee Rodvelt’s 90-year-old mother and her guardian filed a $2.1 million elder abuse civil lawsuit against her son. As part of the lawsuit, Rodvelt was ordered to hand over his Oregon property to his mother.

Rodvelt was already serving time for barricading himself inside a vehicle and getting into an armed standoff with cops in Arizona last year. However, they let him out for two weeks to get him to sell his property. Little did they expect the Oregon man would use his few days of freedom to rturn his house into a death trap.

When real estate attorney Joseph Charter went to the 15-acre property to evaluate it for selling on Sept. 7, he encountered a sign that read the house was “protected by improvised devices.” Charter called the cops and soon FBI and a bomb squad showed up.

What they saw was a veritable fortress set up with a landmine of deadly booby traps.

Just inside the front gates, authorities saw a minivan in the driveway, preventing vehicle from entering, police reported. Upon closer inspection, the authorities found the van was rigged with sharp steel spikes that are typically used to ensnare animals. The technicians were able to dissemble the trap and they passed inside.

Near the second gate, a circular tub was found rigged on its site. The authorities discovered it was triggered to roll towards the gate when the doors were opened. The tub echoed a scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, had to run for his life after a huge boulder was triggered by a booby trap switch, reported FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Gray.

Once that was dismantled, the authorities found a wooden rat trap near the garage door. The trap was changed to hold a shotgun shell. Fortunately, it was not set at the time the FBI found it because it would have detonated once the gate was opened.

Once the outside area was deemed safe, bomb squad technicians used a small explosive to gain access into the house. That is when they noticed a suspicious fishing line running between the door and the door jamb. A wheelchair stood nearby.

When a technician moved the vehicle, it let out a “very loud” blast. Apparently, it was also changed to hold a 410-gauge shotgun shell, which hit a technician.

A state trooper said he recalled someone yelling, “I’m hit,” and then noticing a large amount of blood coming from a FBI bomb squad technician.

The wounded man was taken to a hospital where he was treated and then released.

Rodvelt was arrested on Sept. 8 for reportedly setting up the potentially deadly traps. He has been charged with assault of a federal officer. When questioned about the possibility of any more booby traps in the house, the man’s only reply was, “I would not race right in.”

Hopefully, this dangerous individual stays in jail for a long, long time.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

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