Fed Up Train Passenger Caught Putting Unruly Kid In An Arm Lock

Three unruly young boys refused to take their feet off of the seats on a public train, so a passenger stepped in to try to forcibly remove them.

A United Kingdom train rider is being investigated for allegedly putting a little boy in an arm lock after he refused to take his feet off of the seat.

Photos surfaced on the internet showing an adult man twisting a child’s arm behind his back. Apparently, three boys — believed to be between eight and 11 years old — boarded a train but were acting unruly and putting their feet on the seats.

According to Metro, when the man approached the young boys and asked them to take their feet down, they refused. The boys were not accompanied by a parent or guardian, and other passengers attested to their bad behavior in their posts.

The man approached the kids a second time to tell them to remove their feet and they continued to disobey, that is when he tried to forcibly pull their feet down and pinned one of their arms behind his back.

One Twitter user — who has since protected her tweets — described the ordeal and noted that the man, “acted like a US cop.”

As most are aware, the United States is dealing with tensions between law enforcement and civilians as police brutality has reached unprecedented levels.

This UK man’s actions were reminiscent of the excessive force that U.S. police have been caught using on offenders and suspects.

A woman who was sitting near the kids reportedly intervened to stop the man and the boys remained in her care until they reached the next stop.

British Transportation Police are investigating the incident, but Northern Rail hasn’t offered much more detail. “We are currently investigating this incident. Because of this, it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to comment at this time,” a spokesperson said.

The frustration the man felt is understandable if the children were being rowdy and disruptive, but the fact remains that he overstepped his boundaries the moment he touched that child — and that is unacceptable.

It was not his place to chastise someone else’s kid. Now, he looks like the bad guy despite the fact that the boys were the ones misbehaving in the first place. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @MCRHour

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