Ferrari Owner Ignores Parking Rules And Ends Up Stuck In Flea Market

A driver of a Ferrari ignored the parking lot rules, and his car ended up in the middle of a flea market. A video captured his attempted escape.

Some people like to think they're above the law. But if this story is anything, it's evidence that that is definitely not the case.

The owner of a very expensive Ferrari (is there any other kind?) was surprised to find his car, which he left overnight in a parkinglot, was at the center of a market, according to HuffPost.

The man’s $256,000 Ferrari was trapped in the middle of a Sunday flea market at Brighton Marina in the United Kingdom. According to a witness, the "disgruntled" driver was rather insistent on getting his car out of the market, instead of just waiting until it was over. 

The witness told Newsflare that the flea is one of the U.K.'s most popular tourist spots and that, "he had to drive through the market making sure he didn't hit any customers or traders' goods.”

An onlooker captured the whole interaction, and honestly, it's pretty funny to watch the driver attempt to navigate his way out of the parking lot without destroying anything.

An event organizer for the morning market told the Daily Mail that the expensive car was parked facing a sign that warned drivers not to park overnight on Saturdays as the parking level was used for a flea on Sundays. The driver was given a ticket for his actions.

Lessons this person learned:

1. Always read signs.

2. I'm apparently not above parking rules. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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