Watch The Epic Tug Of War Between A Ferrari And A Sports Bike

The video shows a Ferrari LaFerrari, which costs around $1.6 million, go up against a KTM 1290 Super Duke Motorcycle.

The internet’s fondness for invaluable super cars — or watching them crash and burn, to be precise  is both appalling and riveting.

Italian YouTube channel Salvare Ricchi, which translates to “Save the Rich,” recently posted a video showing a hybrid hypercar go up against a super sports bike in an ultimate tug-of-war testing their strength.

The video shows a red Ferrari LaFerrari, which reportedly weighs around 3,500 lbs. and sends 950 horsepower to two rear wheels, duking it out with a KTM 1290 Super Duke sports bike that weighs only a bit more than 400 pounds and sends 180 horsepower to a single rear wheel.

Connected by two ends of tow rope, the results of the fight was relatively unpredictable.

Last year, one Lamborghini Gallardo owner in San Diego, California, made headlines for driving his luxury car right through a flooded intersection. While the video of the incident went viral, many deplored the stunt, saying the driver’s actions should not be encouraged or advertised.

“Water entering the air intake(s) of a vehicle can easily lead to hydro-locking, a phenomenon that usually destroys the engine,” stated car news website Auto Evolution.

In another bizarre incident involving an expensive car, a petty 20-year-old in Switzerland set his Ferrari 458 Italia (a gift from his rich father, obviously) on fire so he could use the insurance money to buy an upgraded model.

Watch: $400,000 Lamborghini Goes Up In Flames In The Middle Of A Busy Street

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