Fifteen Years Before Meeting, A Bride's Mom Photobombed Her Husband

In a twist of fate, a young Chinese bride realized that her mother was standing in the background of a photograph of her husband taken 15 years before they met.

According to Huffington Post, Lu Yiqin and her now-husband Zhang Hedong were rummaging through old photos as preparation for their future wedding album when Lu spotted an oddity.

In one of Zhang’s photos, Lu thought a woman standing in the background looked like her mother.

Weibo,  Zhang Hedong

At a closer glance, she was astonished to realize that the woman in red to the left of her future husband was, in fact, her mother.

Weibo, Zhang Hedong

The photo of Zhang was taken in 2000 when he was on family vacation at the Giant Buddha site at Ling Mountain in Wuxi.

After talking with their families, Lu and Zhang realized that they were on the same bus tour to see the Giant Buddha when she was nine and he was 14-years-old.

The newlyweds believe the incredibly coincidental photo proves they were brought together by fate.

Lu told Hangzhou Daily, “My husband said, ‘Although we didn’t know each other then, the skies must’ve planned this for us 16 years ahead of time.’ With this incredible story, we’ll cherish our love even more.” 

Weibo, Chinese coupleNow, 16 years after the photo was taken, Lu and Zhang share a special bond that their fate to be together was written in the stars.

Pretty spooky.

Photo Credit: Weibo

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