Fire Started From Actual Trash Threatens Olympic Mountain Bike Course

A fire near the Olympic mountain bike course in Rio de Janeiro created a stir among Olympic officials who were concerned the upcoming races would be impacted.

As random mishaps continue to plague the Olympics, mountain biking events were threatened by a raging garbage fire that started on Monday in the Deodoro area of Rio.

The actual events aren’t set to take place until this weekend but practices were supposed to begin on Wednesday  although, that may no longer be the case pending a complete assessment of the damages.

"High winds made the fire advance close to the mountain bike venue," Olympic organizers reportedly said in a statement. "During the firefighters work to contain it, the fire changed its direction and doesn't represent any risk to the venue."

Officials are reportedly working to determine if the venue is suitable for all practices and events to go on as scheduled. Other sporting venues located near the fire include the BMX track and the canoe slalom.

There have been no injuries reported as a result of the fire and, luckily, no athletes were on or around the course when it started, according to the CBC.

A heap of trash actually caught fire, which is a peculiar addition to the long list of setbacks the Olympics have faced in the past several days including two Olympic pools turning green, a taxi full of American swimmers getting robbed at gunpoint, and a defective aerial camera crashing down onto passersby in Olympic Park, among other incidents.

Residents of Rio warned the world with public outcry and protests that their city was no place for the Olympic Games and yet, here we are halfway through the second week, experiencing one freak accident after another.

Perhaps the universe is trying to send a message to Olympic officials that they should have listened to the people of Rio.

A silver lining in all this is that while these incidents have sparked fear and chaos, the people involved have emerged mostly unscathed. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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