Flight Attendant's Cringeworthy Announcement Infuriates Passengers

A Ryanair flight attendant sparked outrage when she told frustrated passengers, "We don't want to die" when asked about an eight hour flight delay.

A Ryanair flight attendant is surely regretting her choice of words while trying to calm passengers down during an eight hour delay at Glasgow Airport in Scotland.

A plane headed to Dublin, Ireland was stuck on a runway with ice on the wings and passengers, understandably, became very agitated.

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After being asked for an explanation regarding the hold up, one of the flight attendants decided to make an announcement notifying everyone of the issue.

“The captain cannot take off when we have ice on the wings, and we don’t want to die…”

Those last five words were her demise.

Passengers immediately began yelling and cursing at the woman for even uttering the word “die” as they were all trapped inside of an airplane.

Ella Ryan, who initially posted the video of the announcement on Instagram, wrote that the flight attendant’s words sparked total chaos.

“This is what happens when you’ve been delayed almost 8 hours, everyone’s at a lost including staff ‘we don’t want to die’ absolute mayhem.”

“All hell was breaking loose when a member of staff made this outrageous announcement,” she added.

Ryan also told how the bizarre message “only fueled the already anxious and angry passengers,” and she revealed passengers were “continuously receiving inconsistent reasons for the delay.”

The flight attendant’s fearless honesty can be applauded, but ruffling the feathers of a plane full of angry passengers wasn’t necessarily the “smartest” move. They could have become more unruly, possibly calling her derogatory names or even throwing things at her.

It’s also not exactly proper airplane etiquette to incite fear. That must be outlined in a flight attendant “handbook” somewhere, right?

The airline issued an apology and vowed to “speak with” the crew member for her comments, according to News.com.au.

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Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Kasevutzki

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