Noisy Kids Playing Basketball Get A Shaq Attack

A Gainseville cop’s gratifying video response to a noise complaint about kids playing basketball got the attention of someone who knows a thing or two about basketball.

A Florida police officer’s heartwarming response to a complaint over kids playing noisily in the streets made headlines last week — and caught the attention of a basketball mogul.

Officer Bobby White arrived at a neighborhood where the kids were playing basketball and, instead of citing them, joined them in a game of hoops. Before leaving, he promised them that he would return with backup next time, and he sure did with Shaquille O’Neal in tow.

"Look at these big boys I brought," White said when he returned. "You sure you can take them? You're pretty sure you can take these guys, right? Well I brought some other backup for you guys."

The kids were in for the surprise of their lives when the NBA legend got out of the SUV and joined them in their make-shift basketball court.



"I'm proud of you guys," Shaq says in the video. "Stay out of trouble. Listen to your parents. Respect your elders. You can be anything you want to be. I'm from the same neighborhood you all from. I grew up just like this. So only you can change this."

"You know how much money I made as a youngster," Shaq asks. "$700 million. You know how I made that? Respecting my peers, listening to my mommy and daddy and focus on my school. That's all you got to do. All right?"

O’Neal was sworn in as a reserve police officer at the Doral Police Department last year. He has also worked as a reserve officer at Los Angeles, Miami Beach and Golden Beach. Now, the 43-year old former basketball star serves as an analyst for the National Basketball Association.

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