Florida Crooks Caught On Camera Pulling Off Daring Heist In 30 Seconds

The thieves barreled their truck into the gun store, smashed the glass displays and stole the guns all in the span of less than one minute.

In a scene reminiscent of Hollywood heist movies, a group of burglars managed to pull off a daring robbery and make away with the loot in less than a minute.

The surveillance footage, posted above, showed a blue Toyota Tacoma truck barreling into the Sunshine State Armory in Zephyrhills, Florida. As soon as the truck stopped, three suspects in hooded sweaters entered the business, shattering the glass display cases and stuffing firearms and other ammunition in their bags.

It only took them 30 seconds to ram the vehicle, grab the guns and flee the scene.

Even though police arrived at the gun store within a minute, they were too late.

“We were there in a minute,” Captain Derek Brewer, public information officer for Zephyrhills Police Department told The Huffington Post. “It took us a while to get to the actual video because there was so much extensive damage to the building.”

The crooks later set the pickup, which was reportedly stolen, on fire near some railroad tracks, according to the police.

The authorities are currently investigating if the same group might be behind similar crimes across the Tampa Bay area and Lakewood.

“We don’t know that,” Brewer added. “Certainly does seem to fit the M.O. to several of those.”

It is also unclear how much ammunition the burglars were able to make away with — something that worries local residents who are anxious about what will happen to the stolen guns.

“They’re smashing and grabbing guns. What are the gonna do with the guns? And where are they gonna do it?” a woman who lived nearby told WFLA, as another added, “That’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

As the Tampa Bay Times reported, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives offered a $2,500 reward for any information in this case.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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