Flying Cockroach Lands On Reporter's Dress Seconds Before Live Shot

“You're a true pro MB. There was no hint of this when you were on shortly after. Thank goodness it didn't happen when you were LIVE on air!!” said a commenter.



TV reporting is a challenging job and it’s definitely much more difficult when the reporter has to stay focused even in the freakiest of times.

Los Angeles KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade got the fright of her life when a flying cockroach landed on her dress just minutes before a live shot. As she realized the creepy creature was on her, she started screaming and tried to brush the roach away.

One of the members of the station staff immediately came to McDade’s rescue and tried to scare it away.

“Hang up. I was coming to get it, but I didn’t want to feel you up,” said the crew member.

As the roach flew away, McDade was all smiles and tried to lighten up the situation.

“Aaargh Jesus. Oh God,” she said.

“Meantime Greg’s coming to get it off my chest,” the reporter added a pun with a laugh.

The incident took place when McDade was all set to go live on TV from Los Angeles. Although she was shaken by the unexpected appearance of the insect, she went ahead and completed her news segment as if nothing happened.

As soon as the video was shared on social media by producer Marcus Wilson-Smith, people praised McDade for handling the situation perfectly.

Recently, a similar incident took place when Texas' KDFW reporter Shannon Murray didn’t even pause for a second when a large spider made an unexpected appearance on live television by crawling onto her arm from over her shoulder.







Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay, Dechatorn

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