Footage Shows How Crowded Chinese Tourist Destinations Can Get

Unbelievable footage depicts the crowded conditions at some of China's most famous tourist destinations over the weekend due to a national holiday.


Was anyone out at the Great Wall over the long weekend?

Posted by Shanghaiist on Monday, April 4, 2016


Videos have emerged showing how incredibly crowded China’s main tourist attractions can get on a national holiday.

Footage is sweeping the Internet of Mount Tai and the Great Wall over the weekend during the annual Tomb Sweeping Day.

Tomb Sweeping Day is a national holiday where Chinese citizens go to cemeteries to pay tribute to their ancestors, but most residents use the day off as opportunity to explore China’s renowned sites. Unfortunately, this year they were met with long lines and jam-packed spaces.

Climbing Mount Tai over the weekend.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Monday, April 4, 2016


The videos show masses of people trudging along through the sites with less than a inch of space between visitors. 

To fully encapsulate how dreadfully crowded these popular destinations were, Facebook user Nathan Bolos wrote, “Two friends of mine went there yesterday, they were turned away at the great wall. They told them there were no tickets left.”

In contrast, Facebook user David Smart posted a picture of himself standing against the wall and not a single person in sight.

“I went on a Monday morning in February a few years back,” Smart wrote. “It was freezing, but worth it! Had the wall to myself!

Travel websites advise that visitors don’t travel during national holidays and this footage proves exactly why. 

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