Footage Shows Moment Man Finds $2M In Gold Hidden In Battle Tank

A UK man expected to find old military weapons inside the historic battle tank he had just purchased, but he unsuspectingly stumbled upon a fortune.

Video footage of the moment a man realized he found gold hidden inside of a tank he had just purchased has gone viral.

Tank collector Nick Mead purchased an old Soviet War tank from 23-year-old Joe Hewes back in February. Unbeknownst to both men, roughly 2 million pounds ($2,509,330) worth of gold was tucked inside the artifact, Metro reports.

Mead and Todd Chamberlain were poking around the T54 Type 69 main battle tank he had bought for just 30,000 pounds ($37,641) when they discovered the fortune inside.

Hewes, who probably felt like world’s biggest buffoon for not inspecting the tank before selling it, was actually a very good sport about the discovery and has only asked that Mead and Chamberlain buy him a beer in return for selling them the secret gold mine, according to Metro.

“It’s crazy and a great find so I hope they get to keep it,” said Hewes. “Everyone is thinking I should be devastated to have missed out on what could be a fortune but I’m not too upset because I made a fair bit of money on the tank anyway.”

“It’s incredible to think for months I had [been] quite literally sitting on a gold mine,” he added.

It is reportedly suspected that the gold was stolen during the 1990 Kuwait invasion and stashed in the tank for safe keeping. It has since been taken by police who are now trying to match it to any previous reports of stolen gold.

Mead, however, is hoping he and Chamberlain will get to keep the loot.

“I’d like to think we’d get whatever comes off from it,” Mead said. “We’ve worked it out and after its split between all the workers here, we don’t think it’s going to be [a] life changing amount. But obviously any sum would be a bonus.”

Mead explained why he turned on the camera despite not knowing he was going to find treasure.

“I filmed it because I thought it would be firearms buried away in there because we can often find old bullets. We’ve had a good laugh about it and I’m confident we’ll be lucky enough to get something from it.”

This ordeal is a real life example of the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Wikimedia Commons, Andrzej Barabasz  

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