Fort Bragg Halloween Party Photo Featured Children In Blackface

A Halloween event at Fort Bragg drew criticism when a photo of kids dressed up in blackface was used as a promotional picture on social media.

Fort Bragg, the United States Army’s installation in North Carolina, has found itself right in the middle of controversy, and it’s not for reasons related to military service.  

Earlier in October, the Facebook page for Fort Bragg’s Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreational support group posted a Halloween-themed photo of a puppeteer appearing to maneuver two children wearing blackface makeup.

The photo in question was taken at last year’s party and was used as part of a Halloween event promoted by the Fort Bragg group. The caption that’s on the now-deleted Facebook post urged those attending to get their costumes ready.

The military site’s family support program took to social media and has issued an apology saying that the photo should have never been posted in the first place and does not represent the views of its organization.

Even the woman who was featured in the photo, who has remained nameless, apologized.

 "A mother would never intentionally put her children in any kind of situation where they're portraying racism," she told Spectrum News of Central North Carolina. "Especially a mother whose son is half black. My son, who's the taller one in the photo, is half black. I would never try to hurt or injure him as a person by portraying such an ugly and ignorant concept."  

Genessa Bingham, who has ties to Fort Bragg, stated to ABC11 WTVD:

"I think it's disgusting. This is what's wrong with the country right now. People can just be as racist as they want. Then you're supposed to laugh it off. You know, segregation wasn't that long ago. My dad is African American."

A picture of kids in blackface should not have been used to publicize the event in the first place, and hopefully going forward, the Fort Bragg community will think twice before providing exposure to something so widely offensive.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Orville S. Poland

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