'Oh My Face!': Fox TV Anchor Crashes Electric Scooter On Live TV

A Fox anchor had to be rushed to the hospital after a test ride on an electric scooter went terribly wrong on live television.

A  Good Day L.A. segment on hot holiday gifts took an unexpected turn when Fox Anchor Lisa Breckenridge’s test ride on a motorized scooter went horribly wrong.

Breckenridge, while on the live show, volunteered to check out the new scooter and promptly hopped on to it. Another anchor on the set swiftly read out the description of the fancy vehicle.

“They are electric. They got up to 25 miles an hour. They are amazing,” the man in the background said.

The Fox anchor, who seemed determined to test the maximum speed of the scooter, within no time had taken off from her starting point, maneuvering the vehicle around the set.

She swerved to avoid a television that was placed on the side, but unfortunately couldn’t get past other objects lying around and she dashed into some barriers in the corner. Another television nearby fell onto her, and she was heard saying “Oh my face,” as others ran to her aid.

She was then rushed to hospital just incase she had any internal injuries, but all seemed to be fine as she posted an update on Instagram.

“Thanks for all your concerns a lil mishap on live tv  at the hospital now getting checked out,” Breckenridge wrote. She also did a thumps up as someone clicked a photo of her in the ambulance.


The daring anchor probably has a lesson or two to learn from this experience –  that is, firstly, to never ride a scooter at high speed in a limited space and secondly, to watch out for all nearby objects while doing so.

Banner and Thumbnail Image Credits: Screengrab/ YouTube

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