Hero Of The Week: Man Waves ‘Fox Lies’ Sign During Live Fox Segment

“This is fake news,” the man declared after interrupting the live "Fox & Friends" segment.



A "Fox & Friends" segment took an awkward turn when an unknown man interrupted a live segment. The hilarious incident occurred during “Breakfast in the Bluegrass State," in which Fox News reporter Todd Piro visits restaurants, cafes and diners to discuss political grievances.

This week, when Piro went to the Christi’s Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky, he started interviewing a Trump supporter. However, the reporter had just begun to ask the first question when, all of a sudden, a man in a white T-shirt appeared in the frame with a sign reading “Fox Lies.”

 “Fox lies. This is the fake news,” said the unidentified man before the channel cut the live shot, returning back to the studio

“We’re going to wrap this up, we’re going to go on off to commercial,” said Piro.

Everybody was caught off guard by it,” cafe owner Christi Druin told The Louisville Courier-Journal. “He came in earlier, sat there and ate his breakfast. I guess he was just looking for the right opportunity.”

The security was called to escort the man out. “He got a free breakfast and 15 seconds of fame” said Druin.  

However, his protest was not uncalled for. For quite some time now, Fox News has been President Donald Trump administration's greatest advocate, spinning his apparent lies into liberal bias and his controversies into mere misunderstandings.

Fox News and the Trump administration have been relentless about calling out left-wing media for its bias, calling it "fake news" and promoting a borderline threatening environment for journalists who don't cover issues in a conservative framework. 

Probably, that was the reason why many agreed with the unidentified man’s believe.





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