Fox Reporter Runs Away After Man Mentions Putin In Comey’s Firing

At the mention of Trump’s alleged less-than-honorable connections with Russia, the visibly startled reporter let out a gasp.

A Fox News reporter abruptly turned tail and left after he received an unexpected answer to a question while interviewing a diner.

During Fox’s “Breakfast With Friends” segment, correspondent Griff Jenkins went to Tastee Diner in Bethesda, Maryland, to speak to the public about their opinion on President Donald Trump’s shockwave decision to fire the director of FBI, James Comey.

Jenkins was seated next to a patron who regularly visits the eatery and turned to him to ask him about the current affairs of the country.

“What do you make of what’s happening in the country right now and President Trump’s leadership?” Jenkins asked the diner.

“I think people are starting to care now,” the man explained, “and realize we’ve got some pretty weak promises made by somebody who doesn’t understand we’re not in the golf business, and we’re not building buildings. He’s working for me now.”

After a bit of small talk, Jenkins asked the man the million-dollar question: “What do you make of the firing?”

“Well, I think it should have been done much earlier,” the man said. “I think — not to be too Machiavellian about it — why does it take such a long time for these guys to arrive at this conclusion? Is it because we’re getting too tight in finding out too much information about the (sic) Putin?”

At the mention of Trump’s less-than-honorable alleged connections with Russia, the reporter became visibly startled and let out a gasp.

“Well, we’re tight on time,” said Jenkins, abruptly getting up from the seat and swiftly moving to another table.

May be it was not a good idea for Fox News to interview someone who actually knew what he was talking about.







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