Cringe-Worthy Moment Fox Sound Engineer Gets Trampled By The Vikings

62-year-old Bernie Beaudry is a freelance audio technician has worked sidelines picking up sounds at Vikings games for two decades.


Bernie Beaudry, an unsuspecting Fox audio technician almost got pounded in to the dirt when he came smack in the way of Viking linemen Brian Robison and Linval Josephas they ran onto the field at U.S. Bank Stadium, Minnesota.

Late getting to his position on the Cardinals’ sideline, the doomed man dashed across the southeast tunnel without realizing that the team was on its way out full steam on.

Video of the collision went viral on the internet.

However, luckily, other than a bloody nose and mangled ego, Beaudry was pretty much OK andwent on to do his duty.

“It was the stupidest thing in 20 years doing this job,” Beaudry said afterward. “I only saw the smoke. I didn’t see anybody coming, and then, boom!”

“I was really surprised somebody was there,” said Joseph, a 6 feet 4 inch tall giant weighing 329 pounds. “I run out of the tunnel plenty of times and I’ve never seen anybody run across before. I’m glad he’s OK. Tell him I’m sorry.”

“I feel bad for the guy,” saidRobison, who rushed back to help the unfortunate soundman. “I was trying to help him out. He looked like he was hurting pretty bad.”

“I’ve had a lot of close calls, but this cancels out all of that,” said 62-year-old Beaudry. “I should have peeked.”

The Vikings plan to have the players autograph a picture of the incident and present it to Beaudry before their next home game against Dallas.

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