Fox Sports Reporter Pulls A Trump: Insults Mexicans, Jews, Asians

A Fox Sports reporter is under fire for appearing in a Facebook Live video in which she spewed inappropriate remarks about multiple ethnicities and cultures.


Barstool Sports hosted a Facebook Live session featuring Fox Sports Florida reporter, Emily Austen, which was laced with stereotypes and racist remarks about Mexicans, Asians, and Jews.

Austen was the only female on a panel of four who were running down their opinions about various viral topics from the week. The video has since been deleted from Facebook, but lives on through the Barstool subreddit.

The whole session was NSFW, with profanity and expletives coming from all the participants; however, Austen’s comments were so foul that even the co-hosts started calling her, “Trump Jr.” at one point.

Austen’s first mistake was when she referred to Cleveland Cavalier’s star Kevin Love as a “little b---h” around 11 minutes into the segment. As a sports reporter, she certainly didn’t help the future of her career with that comment.

Later — about 24 minutes in — she said, “I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart” in relation to the high school valedictorian with a 4.5 GPA who made headlines for tweeting that she is undocumented.

Adding insult to injury, Austen attempted to clarify her statements by saying, “I didn’t mean it like that, but I mean … you guys know that the Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class.”

One of the co-hosts called her out and said, “Oh, so you get yourself out of one stereotype with another stereotype.”

Even though the co-hosts heckled Austen for her comments, they weren’t much better. The three men kept referring to undocumented immigrants as “illegal aliens,” which is an offensive term.

Austen’s insults didn’t stop there; the group segued into the next discussion by asking Austen how she felt about Jews. She reflected on her time working as a server in Boca Raton, Florida and somehow deduced that Jewish people are stingy, poor tippers.

“They would just b***h and complain about everything,” she said of the Jewish customers she encountered where she worked.

Once the head-honchos at Fox Sports Florida caught wind of Austen’s involvement in the video, they released a statement separating their network from the situation.

“We were made aware that Emily Austen appeared in a social media video unaffiliated with FOX Sports in which she made insensitive and derogatory comments,” the statement read. “She was not speaking on behalf of FOX Sports, nor do we condone any of the statements she made in the video. Emily has been advised that her comments were unacceptable, and she is not scheduled to appear on any upcoming FOX Sports Florida or FOX Sports Sun broadcasts.”

Needless to say, Austen made a huge mistake that will undoubtedly be detrimental to her career and her social life. It’s important to acknowledge that the political climate — set by Donald Trump who has normalized racism and hate — is what makes people think they can get away with this kind of behavior.

Trump does it all the time and yet he’s on the fast track to the White House! Unfortunately for Austen, her racist behavior only led her on the fast track to unemployment. 

WARNING: The video below contains language that may be offensive to some viewers. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @recentnbatalks

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