What Happened When A Man Offered Free Hugs At Donald Trump’s Rally

One more video provides a microscopic view of how disinterested Trump’s supporters usually are in any kind of talk that involves spreading love.

The Internet is still waiting for some kind of proof that shows a good number of Donald Trump supporters are also non-violent, peace-loving moderates who are willing to negotiate with people who oppose their ideas.

Meanwhile, yet another video has emerged featuring their usual side — an ugly display of racist attitudes toward a person asking for hugs.

Ken Nwadike of the Free Hugs Project  a movement to “spread love, inspire change and raise awareness of social issues”– went to a Trump rally in Wisconsin and offered free hugs to the supporters there and filmed their reactions.

Initially, many supporters refused Nwadike, who is African-American, and it only got worse from there.

"I don't want any drugs," one man said as the campaigner jokingly explained he was trying to hug people, not selling drugs.

One woman even yelled, “White is better!” while her arm around Nwadike, supposedly posing for a photograph.

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In the supporters’ defense, Nwadike told the Huffington Post nearly all the reactions were probably negative because the situation was already tense. It was, after all, the notorious rally during which a Trump supporter allegedly pepper sprayed a 15-year-old.

In the second part of his video, Nwadike visits an event in California for the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. He offered hugs there as well and in striking contrast from what he experienced in Wisconsin, he was inundated by warm receptions, in some cases, also by the security officials.

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This experiment certainly doesn’t prove anything definitive about all of Trump or Sanders’ supporters. But, as stated above, the former have not yet demonstrated any kind of willingness to work peacefully with people who hold an opinion different to theirs. In fact, their generally violent attitudes are growing worse by the day, according to the Daily Beast.

In all of Trump’s events held since January, the publication “found police-reported criminal activity (including assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and disturbing the peace) at a minimum of 12 of his rallies, resulting in 55 arrests or citations. The Beast has also found at least 12 reports filed by victims alleging they had been pushed, shoved, punched, called racial slurs, or had their signs ripped from their hands.”

So there’s something definitely wrong here. 

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