French Network Teleports Presenter To Soccer Pitch Via Giant TV

Other sports channels should think about upping their games because a certain broadcaster just used teleportation and holograms in its Euro 2016 coverage.


The French are certainly winning the broadcasting game with their European Championship coverage.

On Sunday, right before the big France vs. Switzerland Euro 2016 game, a French TV network teleported a studio presenter in Paris to the soccer field in Lille. The eye-rubbing video (posted above) shows M6 host Nathalie Renoux take a stroll through a giant television screen to join the on-field sports reporter for a pitch-side interview.

Incredibly, it was all happening in real time.

The social media soon confirmed that Carine Galli, the sideline reporter on the screen, was in fact present on the pitch in Lille.

So how did the network achieve this level of sorcery?

Apparently, the studio presenter was only standing in front of a green screen.

“The main idea was to be focused on the immersion of our audience in the Euro 2016 event,” a network representative told BuzzFeed. “In simple words, we would like to be really close to the fields and the venues wherever you were watching the game.”

While the teleportation thing was pretty cool, it was the TV channel’s next, post-match visual trick that took the cake.

In a scene reminiscent of the Hollywood blockbuster “Star Trek,” former player and soccer pundit, David Ginola, interviewed the hologram of team manager boss Didier Deschamps on live TV. The hologram then disappeared just as swiftly as it had appeared at the beginning of the segment.

This futuristic technique was achieved through a green screen as well. However, this time the network had calibrated all its cameras, both on set and at the venue, exactly at the same distance of shooting and with the same lens focus.

“One of the main issues was to consider it all as a real-time sequence with no delay, to have the perfect chat between people in the venue and on our set in Paris,” the M6 spokesperson added. “After checking the transmission solutions between these two points and some testing sessions, it was [ready] to be implemented live.”

Although the match ended in a 0-0 draw, the coverage immediately went viral.

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